Vanchi (Salix Tetrasperma)

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Salix tetrasperma, commonly called Indian willow, is a medium-sized tree of wet and swampy places, shedding its leaves at the end of monsoon season. It flowers after leafing. The bark is rough, with deep, vertical fissures and the young shoots leaves are silky. The leaves are lance-like, or ovate-lancelike, 8–15 cm long, with minutely and regularly toothed margins. The male sweet scented catkins are 5–10 cm long, and are borne on leafy branchlets. The female catkins are 8–12 cm long. The capsules are long, stipulate, in groups of 3 to 4.

It grows in many parts of south and southeastern Asia, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Laos, and Thailand.


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Family : Salicaceae

Useful Plant : Veru (വേര്)

Use : Visham, Kushtam(വിഷം, കുഷ്ടം) etc…


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