Talisa pathra

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Botanical name : Abies spectabilis

Medical use : Leaves

Suitable location : Outdoor



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Abies Webbiana (Talispatra) is an ayurvedic medicinal plant. Its leaves are used in various ayurvedic preparation used for respiratory diseases. TALISADI CHURNA, the famous ayurvedic formulation, contains Talispatra as a main ingredient. Abies Webbiana is a botanical name given to Talispatra (talish patra) plant. Leaves of this plant have medicinal value. They are frequently used in Ayurveda and folk medicines. Abies webbiana leaves have a unique aroma. Its aroma has potential to cure mild headache and relieve mental stress. Abies Webbiana leaves are helpful in diseases such as cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, common cold, sneezing, allergic rhinitis and upper respiratory infections.


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