Padhimugam (Caesalpinia Sappan)

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Family : Caesaltiniaceae

Useful Plant : The core (കാതൽ)

Uses : Blood Purification, Skin Diseases (രക്തം ശുദ്ധിയാക്കൽ, ത്വക്ക് രോഗങ്ങൾക്)


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This plant has many uses, such as medicinal abilities as an anti-bacterial and anti-coagulant. It produces a reddish dye called brazilin, which is used for dyeing fabric and making red paints and inks. The wood is slightly lighter in color than Caesalpinia echinata (Brazilwood) and other members of the Caesalpinia genus, but the same tinctorial principle appears to be common in all these.


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